SM-101 Seal is specifically designed for the most demanding of high and low temperature services as well as being suitable for high speed application in a wide range of media. It is a unique design for easy to install. Hydraulically balanced for reduced seal face loading which maximize seal life and allows for vaccum service capability. The Bellows is precision manufactured and is subject to the very highest levels of quality control to ensure consistent and reliable operating performance.

Hardware SS 316 / Alloy 20 / Hastelloy C
End fitting material SS 316 / Alloy 20 / Hastelloy C
Material of bellow Alloy 20 / Hastelloy C / AM 350
Seal faces  
Seal ring Carbon / SiC / TC
Mating ring SiC / TC
Secondary seal PTFE / FKM / Karlez / TTV / FEP / Chemraz
Pressure Upto 20 kg/cm²
Temperature -70°C to 300°C
(Depending on elastomer)
Speed RPM subject to specification

Salient Features :

  • Eliminates the costly and often long lead time issues of exotic elastomers compounds.
  • No shaft fretting.
  • Unit design for ease of installation.
SM-201 Seal is hydraulically balanced seal face technology for reducing power consumption. It is basically conceived as multipurpose, multi featured seals which can be used on most of the applications from simple solvents to slurries and from solidifying or crystallizing liquids to even thermic fluids at moderate temperatures under pressure or vaccum. It may use in slurries, big bore pumps, vaccum distillations,salt solution & processing equipments etc. Also it may reduce spares inventory and the flexibility of maintenance.

Hardware SS 316 / SS 304 / Alloy 20 / Hastelloy C
Seal faces  
Seal ring SiC / TC
Mating ring SiC / Carbon / TC
Secondary seal FEP / FKM / NBR / Chemraz / PTFE / TTV / Karlez
Pressure Upto 25 kg/cm²

-40°C to 280°C
(Depending on elastomer)

Speed RPM subject to specification

Salient Features :

  • High performance.
  • It can tolerate reversible pressure.
  • Non clogging spring protection.
  • It may easily replace on conventional double seal.